The Addams Family ( in color)

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Hjalmarsson: It's easy, Shawzy.
Hossa: Same.
Rozsival: Who?
Hossa: Shawzy. He's terrible.
Rozsival: My boys love him!
Hossa: I'm sure.

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Resin stacking rings by daimblond

jonnyscissorhands I kind of want one of these for my wedding band. But I’d break the shit out of it.

These are wonderful

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I think the favorite moment with the Kaner was in L.A. when we were in the playoffs. We were practicing and after the practice we did special things like 25 seconds and you have to score—you can do anything you want. And we went 25 seconds and Kaner didn’t score at all [against me]. I was so happy about it.

Antti Raanta shares his favorite Patrick Kane memory

You should go read the entire article, it’s great, but apparently Raanta and Toews live in the same building so his tweet about Tazer smiling when he drives him to the airport is just that much better 

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George Saad discusses his son’s struggles as a young hockey player [x]

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"I didn’t know that drugs and alcohol were such a big problem that they had to resort to neo-McCarthyism."

Dazed and Confused (1993), Richard Linklater.

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